Acquisition: Purchasing Private Utility Assessments

U.S. Utility actively seeks opportunities to purchase private utility assessments. Many builders and developers are interested in monetizing utility assessment holdings to recoup investments in the near term for use in future projects, rather than receiving ordinary income over 20-40 years coupled with the hassle of collection and management of numerous accounts on an annual basis. U.S. Utility welcomes the opportunity to discuss our management services and to explore potential acquisitions of existing utility assessments. Our size, financial backing, and agile leadership enable U.S. Utility to purchase a wide range of transaction sizes and structures. We would be pleased to review existing utility assessment portfolios, and can provide prompt valuations and purchase commitments. U.S. Utility takes pride in paying fair value in very smooth and efficient transactions having no financing contingencies.

Assisting You in Utility Portfolio Sales

If you are interested in selling utility assessments for future projects, U.S. Utility stands ready to assist you with establishing a separate utility company, including preparation of the water and sewer facilities declaration, which is recorded in the county land records to create a new contract and covenant, and new home contract disclosure addendum, which is appropriate to notify prospective homeowners of the assessments in compliance with state and local laws. We will work with you to quickly memorialize terms in a letter of intent followed by a binding purchase agreement. Our acquisitions have closings occurring on a regular basis. Private capital and lenders, both of which have long-term commitments to our business and are supportive of our continued growth, fund them. Whether you have a large or small portfolio, we have the ability and desire to pay you cash for the rights in a manner that could be subject to capital gain tax treatment, rather than deferred ordinary income.

U.S. Utility owns and/or manages more than 20,000 private utility assessments—leverage our size, expertise, and resources for your benefit by contacting us to discuss management or sale of your existing and/or future private water and sewer facility assessments.

If you are interested in discussing the sale of utility assessments, our management services, or would like to speak with us regarding how to establish utility assessments, please call (410) 418-5581.

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