Management and Monetization of Private Utility Assessments

U.S. Utility Corporation and U.S. Utility, LLC were one of the first, and are still some of the largest purchasers and managers of private utility assessments in the state of Maryland.  We work together with builders and developers to maximize the value and efficiency of private deferred water and sewer facility charges or utility assessment holdings.

Management Expertise

U.S. Utility’s management expertise provides turn-key management and in-house collection services for client portfolios. The creation, servicing, and maintenance of private utility assessments require attention to detail and meticulous record keeping to ensure their enforcement. U.S. Utility has a professional staff dedicated to full-time management and supervision of utility assessment portfolios. Invoicing and collection efforts are streamlined through use of sophisticated utility billing software. U.S. Utility provides all services required for administration of developer portfolios, including annual billing, enforcement, reporting and accounting. Documentation accrued for each account features all disclosures, invoices, payments, notices of intention to create a lien, and other materials that can be essential, if disputed by a homeowner or in the event of collection or foreclosure proceedings.

U.S. Utility provides management services for diverse client portfolios ranging in any size community on both sides of the Chesapeake Bay. Engagement of our management services can occur concurrent of construction or years later as your portfolio matures.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management services also include the active monitoring and implementation of new state and local legislative laws. For example, Maryland House Bill 1043, which took effect on October 1, 2014, imposes substantive changes on the establishment and collection of private utility assessments in Prince George’s County. More importantly, in August of 2017, the Maryland Court of Appeal’s opinion in Select Portfolio Servicing LLC vs. Saddlebrook West Utility Co., stated that the recording of a utility declaration among the land records no longer secures the repayment of the annual utility assessments as a first-priority lien against any lot or unit. Consequently, U.S. Utility has implemented best practices within the established legal and regulatory framework to maximize recovery on delinquent accounts.

List of Entities U.S. Utility Corporation Services:

  • AA&D Utilities, LLC
  • AAA Utilities Corporation
  • Al Hannah Utilities, LLC
  • AM Utilities, LLC
  • Anne Arundel Utilities, LLC
  • Arundel Utilities, LLC
  • Central Maryland Utilities, Inc.
  • Chartridge Utility Company, Inc.
  • CHS Utilities, LLC
  • Clements Pointe Utilities, LLC
  • Cloisters Utility Company, LLC
  • Consolidated Utilities, LLC
  • County Utility Company, LLC (Previously BJG QTIP Trust or Mid-Atlantic Land Dev)
  • Crescent Partners, LLC
  • CV Utilities, LLC
  • Daisy Sewer & Water Company, Inc.
  • Dorchester Utilities, LLC
  • Enterprise Utilities Coporation
  • Foxmoor Utility Company, Inc.
  • Green Point Utility Company, Inc.
  • H.C. Utilities, LLC
  • Harmony Utility Company, LLC
  • Hidden Creek II, LLC
  • Howard County Utility Company, LLC
  • Interstate Utilities, LLC
  • Jasper Utilities, LLC
  • Leeward Utilities, LLC
  • Marlboro Meadows, LLC
  • Maryland General Utilities, LLC
  • Mid-Atlantic Utilities, LLC
  • Municipal Utilities, LLC
  • PG County Fairwood Utility, LLC
  • Provo Utilities, LLC
  • RB Utilities, LLC
  • RU Utilities, LLC
  • Sedona Development Company, LLC
  • South 301 Utilities, LLC
  • Statewide Utilities, LLC
  • Stoney Run Utilities, LLC
  • System Utility Company, LLC
  • Tri-County Utilities, LLC T/A Quarry Services
  • United Utilities, LLC
  • Wampler Woods Utilities, LLC
  • Western Utilities, LLC
  • Winterset Utilities, LLC

List of Entities U.S. Utility, LLC Services:

  • A.A. Utilities, Inc.
  • Apple Tree Orchard Private Utility Company, LLC
  • Arundel Ridge Utilities, LLC
  • Atlantic Shores Water & Sewer Company, LLC
  • Aumar Village Residential Private Utility, LLC
  • Aylesbury Utilities, LLC
  • Bay Area Utilities, LLC
  • Beechtree Water & Sewer Company, LLC
  • Belmont Crest Utility, LLC
  • BMCN Utilities, LLC
  • Brandywine Water & Sewer Utility Company, LLC
  • Calvert County Utilities, LLC
  • CC Utilities, LLC
  • DMD Holdings, LLC
  • DS Utilities, LLC
  • DM Pro Utilities, LLC
  • FFBC-Water & Sewer LLC
  • Foundry Station Utility, LLC
  • Garden Glen, LLC
  • G.B. Clarksburg, LLC
  • Glennas Heights, LLC FKA Dogwood Utility, LLC
  • Goodier Baker Utilities, LLC
  • GP West Water & Sewer, LLC
  • Greenhaven Utilities, LLC
  • Horizon Utility Company, LLC
  • Hunt Valley Utility Company, LLC
  • Kiefer Ridge Utilities, LLC
  • Landmark Utilities, Inc.
  • Largo Land Development, LLC
  • Lilly Utility Company, LLC
  • Livingston Utilities, LLC
  • Manchester Farms Section 7 Utilities, LLC
  • Marlboro Water & Sewer Company, LLC
  • Maryland Utilities, LLC
  • M.L.T. Maple Lawn, LLC
  • NVD investments, LLC
  • Oak Grove Utility Company, LLC
  • Osprey Pointe Utilities, LLC
  • Owings Overlook Water & Sewer Utility Co., LLC
  • Patriot Pond, LLC
  • Patuxent Infrastructure, Inc.
  • Quarterfield Utilities, LLC
  • Pine Ridge Utilities, LLC
  • Ridgely Utility Company, LLC
  • Savannah Utility Company, LLC
  • Savannah Utility Company 2, LLC
  • SBR Land Utility, LLC
  • Scot’s Glen-Baker 16, LLC
  • Sheltered Harbor Utilities, LLC
  • Stanly Martin Companies, LLC (Previously SM Waterford Estates, LLC, SM Landover, LLC, SM Hamilton, LLC, and Wildewood Residential, LLC)
  • Songbird Woods Private Utility Company, LLC
  • Southpointe Arundel, LLC
  • Spencer Woods Private Utility Company, LLC
  • Stablegate Utility, LLC
  • Stone Mill Utilities, LLC
  • Tantallon Utilities, LLC
  • The Highlands Utility Company, LLC
  • Town View Utility, LLC
  • Utility Assessments, LLC
  • VRC Utilities, LLC
  • Washington Management & Development Company Utility Finance, LLC
  • WB HGII SW Facilities, LLC
  • Westin Utility Company, LLC
  • Westmount Utilities, LLC
  • Wilson Farm Utility Co., LLC
  • Woodmore Overlook Water & Sewer, LLC
  • Yorkway Utilities, LLC

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