Making a Payment Online

If you received an annual front foot benefit charge bill from one of the following companies, you CAN pay online through Zego powered by Paylease:

  • AAA Utilities Corporation
  • Al Hannah Utilities, LLC
  • Anne Arundel Utilities, LLC
  • Arundel Utilities, LLC
  • Atlantic Shores Water & Sewer Company, LLC
  • Aylesbury Utilities, LLC
  • Beechtree Water & Sewer Company, LLC
  • Brandywine Water & Sewer Utility Company, LLC
  • CHS Utilities, LLC
  • Cloisters Pointe Utilities, LLC
  • Consolidated Utilities, LLC
  • CV Utilities, LLC
  • Daisy Sewer & Water Company, Inc.
  • Dorchester Utilities, LLC
  • Enterprise Utilities Corporation
  • Goodier Baker Utilities, LLC
  • H.C. Utilities, LLC
  • Highlands Utility Company, LLC
  • Horizon Utility Company, LLC
  • Howard County Utility Company, LLC
  • Hunt Valley Utility Company, LLC
  • Interstate Utilities, LLC
  • Landmark Utilities, Inc.
  • Largo Land Development, LLC
  • Lilly Utility Company, LLC
  • Maryland General Utilities, LLC
  • Mid-Atlantic Utilities, LLC
  • Municipal Utilities, Inc.
  • NVD Investments, LLC
  • Oak Grove Utility Company, LLC
  • Provo Utilities, LLC
  • PG County Fairwood Utility, LLC
  • RB Utilities, LLC
  • Ridgley Utility Company, LLC
  • RU Utilities, LLC
  • Savannah Utility Company, LLC
  • Savannah Utility Company 2, LLC
  • Sheltered Harbor Utilities, LLC
  • Southpointe Arundel, LLC
  • Stablegate Utility, LLC
  • Statewide Utilities, LLC
  • Stoney Run Utilities, LLC
  • Stoney Run Utilities, LLC
  • System Utility Company, Inc.
  • The Highlands Utility Company, LLC
  • Tri-County Utilities, LLC T/A Quarry Services
  • United Utilities, LLC
  • Wampler Woods Utilities, LLC
  • Washington Management & Development Company Utility Finance, LLC
  • Western Utilities, LLC
  • Westin Utility Company, LLC
  • Westmount Utilities, LLC
  • Winterset Utilities, LLC
  • Anne Arundel Utilities

Step-by-step instructions for signing up with an account on Paylease:

  • On their homepage, click  “Resident Login”
  • Click “Don’t have an account? Create one now!”
  • Under “Homeowner” icon, click ” Create your account”
  • In the Search box, enter your account number (NOT your HOA name) and click “Search”
  • Your specific utility company and your property address will come up
  • Click “This is my Property”
  • It will take you to a New User Registration page–click “Create your account” and fill out the corresponding informational blanks before agreeing to the terms and conditions of use.
  • You will then be able to make your payment. It will always show a $0 balance because Zego powered by Paylease is not connected with our system. Under “Make a Payment,” enter in your payment amount in either the “Amount Owed” line OR “Payment Amount” line — but only enter it in once or it will double your payment. We advise you to NOT call Zego powered by Paylease for assistance in creating your account as they are geared for receiving HOA payments, NOT for the front foot benefit charges. Please reach out to us directly.

Disclaimer: Zego powered by Paylease is a third-party provider that allows you to make electronic payments through their website. There are NO convenience or transaction fees associated with making your payment via Zego powered by Paylease. However, the only types of payment we DO accept through Zego powered by Paylease is an ACH payment. We DO NOT accept credit or debit card payments. You will receive an email from Zego powered by Paylease acknowledging the pending payment, and another one with a confirmation transaction number once the payment is processed. We get daily reports from Zego powered by Paylease, so we know who has made their payments. 

*If you previously or currently had an existing autopay payment through Zego powered by Paylease with a credit or debit card, this must be canceled. However, you can edit your account’s autopay to an ACH payment.*

In addition, if you already have an existing Zego powered by Paylease account to pay your HOA dues, you MUST create a second account to pay your annual front foot benefit charge(s), using a completely different email address because your user ID = your email address. 

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