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Pending Settlements: Please send your request in writing via fax to 410-418-5598 or email to info@us-utility.com including if this is a purchase with a closing date or refinance with a good through date needed. You should include the current homeowner name(s), street address, community name, and, the account number for the assessment. Promptly following settlement, send us an ALTA and/or closing disclosure with the new homeowner information, along with a check payable to the utility company that owns your front foot benefit charge to bring the assessment amount current, if anything is due. Also, clarify if the new homeowner will occupy the property or provide us with a forwarding address if this is an investment property.

Recorded Notice of Lien: Private water and sewer declarations constitute a contract and covenant from the date of recording that runs with the land. If there has been a statement of lien placed on the property, please contact us immediately to obtain the outstanding balance and coordinate payment and release prior to the settlement.

Please note that title companies occasionally misinterpret the obligations imposed by water and sewer declarations in the context of residential foreclosures. Recorded contracts and covenants typically relate back to the date of recordation of the declaration and, therefore, are not extinguished or impacted by foreclosure of subsequent homeowner financing; although, subsequently filed statements of lien may be. If you are reviewing title of a foreclosed property subject to a utility declaration managed by U.S. Utility, please contact us early in the process to confirm the balance and payoff information.

List of Entities U.S. Utility Corporation Services:

  • AA&D Utilities, LLC
  • AAA Utilities Corporation
  • Al Hannah Utilities, LLC
  • AM Utilities, LLC
  • Anne Arundel Utilities, LLC
  • Arundel Utilities, LLC
  • Central Maryland Utilities, Inc.
  • Chartridge Utility Company, Inc.
  • CHS Utilities, LLC
  • Clements Pointe Utilities, LLC
  • Cloisters Utility Company, LLC
  • Consolidated Utilities, LLC
  • County Utility Company, LLC (Previously BJG QTIP Trust or Mid-Atlantic Land Dev)
  • Crescent Partners, LLC
  • CV Utilities, LLC
  • Daisy Sewer & Water Company, Inc.
  • Dorchester Utilities, LLC
  • Enterprise Utilities Coporation
  • Foxmoor Utility Company, Inc.
  • Green Point Utility Company, Inc.
  • H.C. Utilities, LLC
  • Harmony Utility Company, LLC
  • Hidden Creek II, LLC
  • Howard County Utility Company, LLC
  • Interstate Utilities, LLC
  • Jasper Utilities, LLC
  • Marlboro Meadows, LLC
  • Maryland General Utilities, LLC
  • Mid-Atlantic Utilities, LLC
  • Municipal Utilities, LLC
  • PG County Fairwood Utility, LLC
  • Provo Utilities, LLC
  • RB Utilities, LLC
  • RU Utilities, LLC
  • Sedona Development Company, LLC
  • Statewide Utilities, LLC
  • Tri-County Utilities, LLC T/A Quarry Services
  • United Utilities, LLC
  • Wampler Woods Utilities, LLC
  • Western Utilities, LLC
  • Winterset Utilities, LLC

List of Entities U.S. Utility, LLC Services:

  • Apple Tree Orchard Private Utility Company, LLC
  • Atlantic Shores Water & Sewer Company, LLC
  • Aylesbury Utilities, LLC
  • Beechtree Water & Sewer Company, LLC
  • Belmont Crest Utility, LLC
  • Brandywine Water & Sewer Utility Company, LLC
  • Buffalo Gap, LLC
  • DMD Holdings, LLC
  • G.B. Clarksburg, LLC
  • Goodier Baker Utilities, LLC
  • Horizon Utility Company, LLC
  • Hunt Valley Utility Company, LLC
  • James L. Newburn
  • JM Utilities, LLC
  • Julie Ann Associates, LLC
  • Landmark Utilities, Inc.
  • Largo Land Development, LLC
  • Lilly Utility Company, LLC
  • Livingston Utilities, LLC
  • Manchester Farms Section 7 Utilities, LLC
  • Maryland Utilities, LLC
  • Newburn Investments II, LLC
  • NVD investments, LLC
  • Oak Grove Utility Company, LLC
  • Osprey Pointe Utilities, LLC
  • Patuxent Infrastructure, Inc.
  • Ridgely Utility Company, LLC
  • Savannah Utility Company 2, LLC
  • Savannah Utility Company, LLC
  • Scot’s Glen-Baker 16, LLC
  • Sheltered Harbor Utilities, LLC
  • SM Hamilton, LLC
  • SM Landover, LLC
  • SM Waterford Estates, LLC
  • Songbird Woods Private Utility Company, LLC
  • Southpointe Arundel, LLC
  • Spencer Woods Private Utility Company, LLC
  • Stablegate Utility, LLC
  • The Highlands Utility Company, LLC
  • Town View Utility, LLC
  • Utility Assessments, LLC
  • Washington Management & Development Company Utility Finance, LLC
  • Westin Utility Company, LLC
  • Westmount Utilities, LLC
  • Wildewood Residential, LLC
  • Yorkway Utilities, LLC

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